About us


My name is Patricia DaSilva,as a wife, business owner and mother of 3 beautiful energetic girls, I know firsthand how busy our lives can be, and how much we all need the most precious commodity: TIME!


I am a resident of the North Shore who loves to live here, serve my neighborhood with our cleaning  services and enjoy all the fun and nature the North shore has to offer. Having a professional team clean your house, allows you the freedom to do anything  you want, including a relaxed  afternoon at Crane Beach! 

I’ve been in this industry since I was 17 years old, back then I was helping my parents with their commercial cleaning business. 

That gave me so much experience, knowledge and passion to understand that people are looking for practical, time-saving solutions to their everyday cleaning problems. 


My parents are the most hard working people I know, and are such an inspiration. They set for me a high standard of integrity and left me with a responsibility to carry on their passion and commitment to this business.

Sometimes we don’t realize what a difference a clean space will make in our everyday life. Our home is where we live, raise our kids, care for our pets, and bring our loved ones! Imagine if it was always clean, but you didn’t have to be the one actually cleaning?


Having a clean home also supports your family's mental health. Research done by The University of California showed that couples that described their house as messy or chaotic showed increased levels of cortisol (a stress hormone).The study also found that women were more adversely affected by clutter than men.

This empowers me to love what we do at All in touch even more, because we are improving people's quality of life, and I believe

You deserve to LOVE where you LIVE!

I hope I have the pleasure to meet you and serve you with our cleaning services! So you can focus your time on what matters the most to you.


Patricia DaSilva